Building Automation


Automating to make life easier

Our product involves automation of building services that brings control and energy efficiency together. The idea is to primarily bring energy efficiency to make the product pay for itself. Then using the same main components we can further develop full automation of the home and/or business to include lighting, security and other areas with local and remote control such as water heaters and air-conditioning.

Our concept is customizable to the client and their individual needs. Therefore the number of products that could possibly be used numbers in the hundreds. All products are from reputable International companies such as Honeywell and G.E. and communicate on wireless and wired technologies that are set by International standards.

We will match the most suitable products to the client design for installation and then we program the system to handle the clients requirements. Programing is done once the client has provided normal day to day activities to us for understanding of where energy can be reduced and how the system should interact with the client and their visitors.

We have a system presently working in our office and are adding products to it every week as a show piece.

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Examples for control are doors and gates from remote (anywhere) and window privacy such as touch control to auto frost windows.


Examples for security are door locks that can be monitored for individual access and alerts for entry to full alarm systems providing internet connectivity.