Monitoring & Control


Monitoring, Control and Messaging

PowerData provides services to allow a client to monitor their equipment in Real Time with messaging alerts in email and SMS with immediate access to historical information. Thereby arming the client with the information to create effective preventative maintenance programs and find ways to make their services more efficient.

PowerData provides data acquisition and control for parameters ranging from electrical (Currents, Voltage, Power, Demand, Energy) to standard instrumentation (Pressures, Temperatures) and custom instrumentation (Flow, Speed, Level, Viscosity). We are not limited to these parameters, if you have data for a specialized parameter you wish to monitor please contact us.

Mains Utility Monitoring

Departmentalization of Energy is important at all ends of the scale, from the Utility company that need to monitor energy consumption of its clients to the corporation that need to effectively cost out the consumption of its departments to increase savings.

PowerData provides services to install turn-key remote metering systems that will give accounting departments of companies the ability to obtain immediate information on the electrical consumption of a specific point of use. This will reduce the need for labor (e.g. - no workforce needed to go out and get the readings manually) and create a more "Real Time" billing environment for the accounting department to create invoicing for customers/departments.

The PowerData multi-platform system alone does not reduce energy usage, nor does it improve energy quality or generator reliability. It requires the input and investigative work of the user to obtain the true benefit of the system potential.

Using multiple platforms, data stored and made available to clients in both Real Time and Historical Trend/Table Reports. This enables Management, Accounts Departments and Engineering Departments to understand electrical quality problems, changes in generator operating parameters and energy usage.